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Pretreatment Fumed

($7.40 Incl. tax)
Fumed is an optional tannin-reactive pretreatment which creates a greying effect on oak surfaces, without the harmful side effects commonly associated with this process. Apply Fumed first and neutralize, then a coat of Oil Plus 2C to finish.

Reactive Effects fall into the pretreatment category of Rubio Monocoat products and include Fumed and Smoke.  These stains react with tannic acids in the woods to produce creative effects. 

Smoke simulates the effects of smoking with ammonia, but without the toxic fumes and vapors.

Fumed replicates the aged grain of wood, again without any toxic fumes or vapors.

Smoke and Fumed can both be diluted with water to reduce their effects.

COVERAGE:  1 liter +/- 150 to 350 sq ft

SIZES:  100 ml, 1 Liter in stock; 5 Liter and 10 Liter by Special Order only

DRY TIME:  36 hours

SHELF LIFE:  12 months

PRODUCT DATA SHEET: Pre-Treatment Fumed