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Precolor Easy Nordic White

($18.40 Incl. tax)
Precolor Easy is an optional color coat, used in combination with Oil Plus 2C to achieve depth of color, contrasting color or evenness of color, as desired for your projects. Apply Precolor Easy first, then a coat of Oil Plus 2C to finish.

Precolor Easy is a water-based pretreatment option. 

Rubio protective finishes utilize a molecular bonding technology, where the finish bonds with the wood fibers.  Precolor Easy gives you the option to precolor the wood while still allowing this molecular bond.  This opens the door for a variety of complementary and contrasting creative color effects.

Precolor Easy maintains the natural look and feel of the wood. 

It contains Zero VOCs and is available in 14 colors, that can all be mixed for endless possibilities.

COVERAGE:  1 Liter +/- 150 to 200 sq ft

SIZES:  100 ml, 1 Liter in stock; 2.5 Liter and 5 Liter by Special Order only

CURE TIME:  Dry when moisture content returns to its original state (approximately 1-3 hours)

SHELF LIFE:  12 months