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03 Jul 2019

Introducing Ben Dagitz & bDagitz Furniture

We're happy to finally be introducing you to Ben Dagitz, Owner and Designer at bDagitz Furniture in Denver.

Ben's someone who got an early start in his profession, building boxes to hold baseball cards on his father's workbench.  From there he progressed to his first furniture pieces, for his tree fort.  He eventually followed through on his love for design with a degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia (notably founded by Thomas Jefferson and home to William McDonough, one of the modern leaders of sustainable design) and--after having been a partner in a design-build business in Charlottesville--found his way to Colorado.  Folks, we got REALLY lucky when Ben decided to move here!

Ben's objectives in furniture making are to create unique pieces that are functional, visually intriguing (with a bit of whimsy) and, while his pieces relate to their surroundings, they also stand apart from them.  Ben lets the unique character of the materials he works with inspire and inform his designs, working with sustainable materials and finishes to craft pieces that will withstand the test of time.  You'll see in some of the images of Ben's work below how brilliantly he succeeds in achieving his goals!

Here are some of Ben's responses to our questions:

Q: What originally got you interested in woodworking?  A: Architecture school really got the wheels turning; also, my father was a Wood Shop teacher.

Q: How long have you welding and working with metal?  A: I started integrating metal into my work before I was making furniture, about 16 years ago I started to learn how to weld.

Q: Who inspires you?  A: I have always loved Peter Zumthor's architecture, he designs beautiful wooden structures.

Q: What advice would you give someone who would like to be a woodworker?  A: Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, you just have to do it.

To see more of Ben's work:

To contact Ben for a project consultation:  (303) 635-6897 or